10.9.18 6:52 PM

RT @jamesshore: I’ll be keynoting at the GTA (Toronto) Agile Coach Retreat on October 20th! Should be a fantastic event. Volunteer-run and only CAD$100. Register here: https://t.co/AzpUyvIFTP

10:07 AM

Coach Retreat Fall 2017 - Clean Language & Balance https://t.co/RtRJbFJcsR https://t.co/ozpjScc082

1.9.18 1:39 PM

The rumour has it that the GTA Coach Retreat is back in fall with @jamesshore as our keynote speaker. Save the date: October 20th. You are looking at a day full of engagement to practice your coaching skills, learning new ones, and networking with other coaches! #coachretreat

28.8.18 3:38 PM

I delivered the powerful question session to a group of coaches. The #feedback was awesome. It made my day when I received a call to thank me, & tell me that it worked very well for them. Such a nice gesture. It All Starts with a Question, a Powerful One! #powerful #coaching