29.5.20 4:12 PM

RT @agilegamesca: Join us for a virtual day of learning, exploring, networking, fun and games with the creative people of #agility. https://t.co/YSBkaiQXXw Join us for the #AgileGamesSummit, July 18th with @jasonlittle @rkasper @withCarlosO @paul_boos & @eegrove Are you #game? #AgileGames https://t.co/r6TMv2nM2z

28.5.20 9:12 PM

I found out that it takes much more energy and effort to keep a (large and) growing community running (& elevated) versus building a community from ground up. #community #large #keepcommunitygoing #group https://t.co/wOeRB1aXE5