6.7.20 6:12 PM

RT @agilegamesca: There is only 2 weeks left to indulge in a day of learning, exploring, networking, fun and games with the creative people of agility: https://t.co/ljBwp6Egt1. Don't miss out! There's only a few tickets left, and all the proceedings will go to @sickkids. #AgileGamesSummit https://t.co/31nw7veSsP

30.6.20 8:12 PM

RT @badass_agile: For those who don't know already, Shahin is the owner of Elevate Change and founder of the Lean Agile Network. We spoke about shifting to online, the Toronto community and so much more. Don't forget to tune in! @sheidaei https://t.co/qASrDg6noK #Toronto #Podcast #Agile