21.2.20 2:49 PM

RT @as_w: .@sheidaei delivering a workshop on "Powerful Questions" at @Microsoft Toronto #MeetupsAtMicrosoft https://t.co/rb63se1rTH

10.2.20 11:28 AM

@JennyKCMO I don't mind compiling the raw data. I volunteer doing that once the program finalized for this year. We can even look for historical data, trend for recurring speakers,... Keep me in mind if you like someone to lend a hand! #excitedbydata

10:58 AM

@JennyKCMO I wonder if there's any data suggesting the proposals that got feedback has a higher acceptance rate. That'll be cool to look at. I will be more motivated, as a speaker, to submit early and get feedback if I know my talk has a higher chance if received feedback. #data